Not sure where to begin when unexpected frozen water pipes break? Did a heavy storm hit and leave a flooded basement in its wake? If you need any water damage repair and water removal assistance, we are here to guide you through the entire process of restoring your home or business. We work one-on-one with your insurance company, supply temporary storage, pump out excess standing water, remove hard water stains from walls and floors, and dry and sanitize the property to help restore balance.

Water Damage Restoration FAQs

Water damage restoration is a complex process best left to the professionals. When your home or business is filling with water, or you’ve suffered devastating loss after a flood, there is help available to you. At Servicemaster by Cornerstone, you will get one-on-one support and customized care to fit your needs. Here are some of the most common questions our clients have — and, chances are, you may, too…

If you have any questions regarding the cleanup of your home, contact the Servicemaster by Cornerstone team today. Our water damage restoration team is happy to provide a customized quote to discuss your needs.


What Is the Impact of Water Damage to My Home?

When water enters your home, it saturates all of the surfaces it can. This includes carpeting and flooring, as well as home furnishings, drywall, and other items. It wicks up the drywall over time, leading to saturation into the insulation and beyond.

Water can also cause the glue holding your kitchen and bathroom cabinets to begin to fail. It causes damage to carpet glue, too, making it impossible to clean thoroughly. In some cases, the water reaches as high as electrical outlets and lines, causing them to spark and become hazards. All of this can occur with just an inch or so of water.

What Should I Do If There’s Flood Water in My Home?

Your first step is to leave the property. Because of the electrical risks present, it becomes essential to protect your family. Don’t walk through the water. Instead, call a professional in who can drain it, such as our team. We can turn off the water source, stop the leak, and help to pull out the water as quickly as possible.

Keep in mind that moisture on any surface can begin to grow mold within just 12 hours. The longer the water remains present, the more damage it will cause. If the property does not dry out quickly enough, it can cause mold to spread through the home’s HVAC system as well. Fast action is always best.

The Water Is Gone – How Long Will It Take for My Home to Dry Out?

Once the water is removed from the home, it may seem dry. However, it takes a great deal of time for it to truly be dried out. This can take between three and five days. This differs based on the size of the home, the methods being used to dry it out, the time of the year, and numerous other factors. In every situation, it will be important to speed up the drying as much as possible to ensure the property is less at risk for mold buildup.

Should I Turn on the Heat or Air Conditioner to Dry Out the Home?

Having on the heat may not help to improve the actual wet conditions in the home. In many cases, it is best to allow your restoration team to manage this process. If the home is at a high risk of having mold present, turning on the A/C or heat may cause it to circulate faster. On the other hand, some homes will benefit from having the temperature more regulated. Your water restoration team can help to determine the right condition for your home. Turning up the heat will not help in most situations.

What About All of the Damaged Material?

During the restoration process, a lot of material cannot be saved. If the floors are buckling, they may need to be removed. If you have hardwoods, it may be possible to sand and restore them. Again, this takes time to determine the right course of action for any situation.

 The same is true for furniture, drywall, and cabinetry. The extent of the damage will ultimately determine if these items can be restored or must be replaced. It may be possible to restore some of these items properly by drying them out, cleaning them, and replacing any damaged areas. If there are items that cannot be saved, it may be possible to file an insurance claim for them.

When Is Mold Remediation Necessary?

As noted, mold is a very big problem when there is water damage in a home. Unfortunately, mold remediation is often necessary when there is significant damage present. In most situations, your restoration team will take the time to determine if mold is present, the risk of mold is present, and any evidence of it spreading. Remediation is very important. It helps ensure that the home is free from the substance, which protects your health and your home’s integrity.

Will Home Insurance Cover Your Damage?

This depends on your policy and the cause of the damage. If the damage occurs from outside flooding, such as a storm, it may not. If it occurs as a result of a water heater break or backed up sewer lines, it may. Your team can determine the cause and help you to file a claim for this coverage.

Water Damage Restoration Services




We offer 24 hour, 7 day a week assistance to consult, assess fire damage, and help you find temporary shelter– even in the middle of the night. We also do everything neccessary to preserve the contents of your home or business and to keep you operational with temporary board-up, emergency water removal/pump -out, and temporary power and heating.



Experienced in roof repairs and stabilizing structures after disaster strikes, we ensure your business or home is completely protected from the elements and any further damage by tarping and boarding up exposed areas.



We provide temporary storage to protect belongings after a fire so they remain dry and safe while a residence or business is being rebuilt.



We pump out and remove excess water from flooded basements and other affected areas, using air movement and dehumidifying equipment to thoroughly dry the space.



Following a basement flood or other water damages, we sanitize and deodorize areas and items affected by wetness or mold (such as walls, carpets, fabrics, drapery, upholstery, furniture and other contents in your home or business) Our professional cleaning services aim to refresh and recover your space by removing offensive odors and stains.



Water-logged carpet can often be saved through our three step restoration process. We have the equipment to thoroughly sanitize, dry and deodorize carpeting and floors to restore them back to their original condition. We use the best carpet cleaning solution on the market and can eliminate all traces of the damage in most cases



Whether it’s in the home or business, we repair hardwood and gym floors by professionally cleaning, drying, and removing odors to bring out its original shine.



We restore clothing, bedding, window treatments and drapes, upholstery, accessories and other textiles to their original condition safely and effectively.

Water Damage Restoration Near Me

When you’re wondering, “where can I find water damage restoration near me,” count on the Servicemaster by Cornerstone team to help. 

If not treated quickly and professionally, water damage can be devastating to your home or office. Get in touch to speak with a Servicemaster professional who can assess your water damage and determine the right approach to mediate and repair your space best.

Water Damage Restoration in Memphis, TN

If you need water damage restoration in Memphis, contact Servicemaster by Cornerstone. We will arrive at your home or office, assess the situation, and then offer comprehensive treatment of the problem.

Our Memphis water damage restoration specialists are available for emergency service. When you call us, we’ll review each of the options available for getting the water out of your home and cleaning up the mess left behind. Schedule a consultation to learn more about water damage restoration service in Memphis.

Water Damage Restoration in Germantown, TN

Do you need fast, reliable assistance with water damage restoration in Germantown? Call the team at Servicemaster by Cornerstone for immediate support. We provide comprehensive water extraction, cleanup, restoration work for your home, and mold remediation services.

 When you tap our professionals to handle your cleanup services, you’re guaranteed outstanding results and comprehensive support. Let us help to make your home accessible to you again. For any type of Germantown water damage restoration need, call us first.

Water Damage Restoration in Collierville, TN

If you have a flooded basement or you are having trouble with mold growth from a previous event, call Servicemaster by Cornerstone. Our water damage restoration services in Collierville provides you with fast, reliable service to clean up your property quickly.

 Remember, when you have water damage it’s essential you work with experienced technicians who can help dry out your home or business quickly. We use the most innovative solutions and reliable experience to ensure your property is always safe. In Collierville, water damage restoration services are available when you need us, even for emergency services.

Water Damage Restoration in Lakeland, TN

Do you need emergency water damage restoration in Lakeland? Do you need help getting your home dried out and restored properly after a flood? Call Servicemaster by Cornerstone to help you. When you work with our licensed and insured professionals for your home’s damage, you get exceptional results. We offer fast, reliable support and can quickly and easily remove excess water from your home, dry out your space properly and thoroughly, and provide you with full restoration. Work with our professionals to ensure your home is properly restored after a flood or other water event.

Water Damage Restoration in Cordova, TN

When you have water in your home, let Servicemaster By Cornerstone by your first call. We provide fast, reliable service to help you clean up your home or business quickly. We can help with water extraction, drying out your home, and mold remediation. 

Our team also work with you to restore your home from top to bottom, ensuring any damage is taken care of properly. When you trust our team for your water damage restoration needs in Cordova, you know you are working with a trained and dedicated team who is capable of getting the work done quickly for you.

Water Damage Restoration in Arlington, TN

Need water damage restoration in Arlington? Call Servicemaster by Cornerstone today. We provide comprehensive service and outstanding reliability to you. Tap our pros to get the job done and you’ll be guaranteed the dry, safe home you need. We have experience handling all aspects of restoration, including helping you to rebuild your home after such devastation occurs. We also work with area businesses. Get in touch to learn more and to schedule your free consultation now.

Water Damage Restoration in Bartlett, TN

Turn to Servicemaster by Cornerstone’s professional water damage team restoration team in Bartlett for fast, reliable help. We work with you and your home insurance company to ensure the work is done properly—and with as little out-of-pocket to you as possible. 

When you contact Servicemaster, you know the process will be done right, from water extraction to debris removal to a complete “dry out.”If there is mold or the risk of it, we can help you with mold remediation services as well. Put our team to work for you today. Call us for full water restoration services in Lakeland and the surrounding area.

Water Damage Restoration in Southaven, MS

In Southaven, leverage the experts at Servicemaster by Cornerstone to assist with your water damage restoration needs. Our fully licensed and insured professionals are available to work with you right now and can ensure the work is done properly the first time.

Contact us today if you need help with water removal after a storm, broken water pipe, or other flooding events. We can help with everything from water extraction to drying out your home, to removing debris, cleaning the space, and properly restoring it.


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