By: Nick Schifani 


Fire Safety Awareness

It’s an early-September Friday in Memphis, TN. Luckily, this day brought a break from the stifling heat. The wind whisking the dew from the grass for a refreshing blast of cool air. The kids have started back to school and you’re about to pour your second cup of coffee. Seems like today is going to be a good day.

*Cue the disaster*

Your ears ringing from the smoke detector, your adrenaline pumping as you race towards your “escape plan” door, and you’ve realized it happened to you. Your house just caught on fire. You survived because of your impeccable fire safety awareness. And this month fire safety awareness is what Cornerstone wants to focus on.

Fire safety awareness is more than smoke alarms. It’s more than having an escape plan for your family (even though we stress this). It’s more than leaving candles burning. Cornerstone’s fire safety awareness is about communication between you and your family members. We want you to have a conversation with your family what can lead to fires in your home. Whether it’s a cooking accident, plugging in too many electrical cords, or trying to stay warm with a space heater. We think it’s important everyone in the house understands the best way to keep these things from turning for the worse.

Obviously, we believe there are some absolute “don’ts” for everyday safety for your home. Such as, never smoke in your house. According to the National Fire Protection Association “Smoking materials, including cigarettes, pipes, and cigars, started an estimated 17,200 home structure fires reported to U.S. fire departments in 2014. These fires caused 570 deaths, 1,140 injuries and $426 million in direct property damage. Smoking materials caused 5% of reported home fires, 21% of home fire deaths, 10% of home fire injuries, and 6% of the direct property damage from home fires.” That’s a staggering number of fires caused by smoking inside the house.

We can’t forget about the leading causes of home fires: cooking! We know everyone likes to think they’re the next Martha Stewart, but even the famous cook is responsible enough to know her cooking safety basics. Even though safety concerns like – never leave food unattended or make sure to cut the oven off – seem routine, people would be shocked to know how often Cornerstone responds to fires due to these simple mistakes. It’s important to understand if a stovetop accident were to happen to NEVER pour water on a grease fire. It will only make matters worse. Likewise, if you have a fire extinguisher, make sure to take the pan outside before discharging the extinguisher. We know a lot of these examples seem like common sense, but at the moment emotions run high and bad decisions can be made. Cornerstone wants to help you alleviate those mistakes to ensure your protection at all times.

Lastly, when regarding fire safety awareness, you have a company you can always depend on for helpful tips. Cornerstone is a company you can count on to listen to any concerns you have for fire safety awareness. Whenever you have a question, please do not hesitate to call us. Besides…..It’s What We Do!